In comparison to a 19 inch 5x4 TV a 29 inch 21x9 is...

37% larger diagonally and 87% larger by area as a 16x9 display.

3% larger diagonally and 5% larger by area as a 4x3 display.

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29 inch 21x9 display vs 19 inch 5x4 display

StatsUse cm 29 inch 21x9 19 inch 5x4
Width26.66 inches14.84 inches
Height11.42 inches11.87 inches
Area304.50 inches²176.10 inches²
As a 4:3 Display19.04 inches18.55 inches
As a 16:9 Display23.30 inches17.02 inches
As a 2.35:1 Display28.97 inches16.12 inches
In Comparison 29 inch 21x9 19 inch 5x4
Actual Aspect Ratios52.63% larger diagonal
72.92% larger area
34.48% smaller diagonal
42.17% smaller area
As a 4:3 Display2.66% larger diagonal
5.40% larger area
2.59% smaller diagonal
5.12% smaller area
As a 16:9 Display36.88% larger diagonal
87.37% larger area
26.95% smaller diagonal
46.63% smaller area
As a 2.35:1 Display79.66% larger diagonal
222.78% larger area
44.34% smaller diagonal
69.02% smaller area
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